About Us

HAZ GRAMERIT is a HAZ GROUP establishment, which was established in 1992 in Kemalpasa/Izmir with the sole purpose of supplying its application projects.

In 2007, the production moved to its own area of 40.000 sqm. By upgrading the production technology. HAZ GRAMERIT has continued to provide high quality production of dimensional natural stone products.

Since 2007, the company has improved its operations and production methods in order to become a prominent producer within the industry. Today HAZ GRAMERIT is active in supplying dimensional stone to prestigious projects around the world.

HAZ GRAMERIT also sells commercial products both to domestic and international market. With its capacity of 350.000 m2 of stone production per year, the company aims to grow further in the industry.

With the worldwide network of HAZ GROUP and its experienced personnel, HAZ GRAMERIT offers technical support and better service to its clients.