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Gramerit and HAZ Marble has united to form HAZ- Gramerit which is managed by HAZ Marble and the trademark continues to exist.

The factory has been fully refurbished to meet the ever increasing demands of HAZ projects around the world, and the demands of its clients.

HAZ Gramerit boasts Pedrini machines from Italy which are new and possess the latest technology in stone production.
The following machines are running at the production plant:

• 4 Gangsaw
• 3 Bridge Cutter
• 2 Block Cutter
• Slab Cutting Line
• Slab Polishing Line
• Slab Epoxy Line
• Polishing Line

• Epoxy Line
• Mono Wire
• Bevelling Machine
• Microwave Oven
• Filling Machine
• Splitting Machine
• 3 Trimming

• Waterjet
• 2 Head Cutting Machine
• Blasting Machine
• Chiselled Edge Machine
• Tumbling Machine
• Flame Machine
• Multi-sizing machine


HAZ Gramerit has the resources to supply and produce any type of stone from Turkey from partner quarries according to the specifications of the project.