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The Beije Marble Quarry located in Yesilova Burdur, that is under operation has been activated in March 2011. Since its inception, a working field of 60 metres heigh and 1000 metres by 200 metres field has been created through concentrated operations.

With the Quarries existing condition, there is a production of yearly 600.000 m3 capacity. There are 4 main types of stones being extracted from our Yesilove Marble quarry. These are Sweet cream, Yesilova Beige and Rosa Beige.

The Yesilova Marble quarry is located 122 km away from Antalya seaport and 374 km from HAZ Gramerits production facilities. With the its close proximity to sea port and our production unit, the transport of blocks are made in an efficient way.

The quarries operations are conducted with modern machinery and equipment by applying the highest standard of health and safety procedures.

Quarry Machines & Equipments

• Loader
• Excavators
• Rock Trucks
• BMC (Fatih, Pro. 940) Dump Trucks
• JCB Beko – Loder

11 Pieces
12 Pieces
8 Pieces
3 Pieces
1 Pieces

• Wire-Cutting (Big) Machine
• Wire-Cutting (Sayalama) Machine
• Benetti Arm Breaker
• Drilling Machine

21 Pieces
63 Pieces
2 Pieces
9 Pieces